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What We Do

Wee Prodigies provides home-based child care services to the Baltimore, Maryland, area. This includes home daycare, as well as before-school and after-school care.

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About the Director

Gwenette Thacker with smiling granddaughter.

I am a retired teacher with a genuine love for children. My primary background is in teaching, which I did for over 30 years. However, I also have experience as a nursing assistant. I worked in a hospital part-time, for four years, while also working as a teacher.

My professional teaching experience includes: 15 years with high school students, 10 years with elementary school students, and over seven years with infants to preschool-age children. In addition to working with infants, toddlers, and young children professionally, I also raised three children of my own and four others who have all done very well.

Children are my passion! Since my teen years, I have always found a way to be involved with children. This includes working in children's ministries at several churches, planning vacation Bible school, teaching Sunday school, and generally helping families in need.

Although I have retired from teaching, I would still love to spend my days nurturing and mentoring children. In my home, I have created an environment that is safe and includes many opportunities for learning and development. Experience has taught me that a fun-filled schedule, which includes time outdoors and hands-on activities, keeps children interested and happy. That is why I include a variety of activities in the care plan for each child, including trips to the park and story hour at the library.

I am fluent in four languages: English, two-ish, one-ish, and coo-ish! I have an exceptional ability to stimulate young minds and a loving and nurturing personality.

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Meet My Family

I am a proud mother of three and wife to my loving husband, Vance. Like me, Vance also has a passion for helping young people. He currently works with troubled adolescents at Sheppard Pratt.  He enjoys playing the guitar and working with his hands.  

We always look forward to getting together as a family whenever we can.  I love seeing my children and their families; I lovingly call them my "little brood."  My children have blessed me with two beautiful grandchildren.  I'm sure you'll hear about them at some point, as I love talking about them!  My children have all achieved high academic success; one is an engineer and the other two are pursuing careers in medicine.  

My daughter works in the evenings as a teacher for the daycare and her husband does everything with our website.  Also, my husband may fill in as one of my substitutes.

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Our Philosophy

We understand how hard it is for you to leave your children in the care of others.  At Wee Prodigies, we believe that a warm and structured environment fosters physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.  We help to prepare children to enter school through enrichment activities, such as Spanish or swimming, while giving them grandmotherly love with tenderness and hugs

Early learning sets the stage for life; while they may be our babies today, they are tomorrow's leaders.  Research shows that the years between birth and age five are the most important for the development of a child’s brain.  We understand the significance of those early years.  . In order to cultivate a a sense of self-confidence and a life-long enthusiasm for learning, every child must be encouraged to develop their strengths in a nurturing atmosphere.  Our goal is provide each child with ample opportunities to learn and help them acquire new skills as they are ready  

The difference between our center and other daycares is that we want to do more than just entertain your child while you are away.  I balance an academically-focused program with play-based models in order to make learning a fun experience.  As an educator, I know that too often a child's ability to learn is underestimated. That is why I believe in setting achievable, high expectations for children. It fills me with great pride to watch a child grow to reach his or her full potential.

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Hours of Operation

Weekdays, Monday through Friday:

  • Daycare, 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Evening Care, 6:00 PM – Midnight

Weekends, Saturday and Sunday:

  • Saturday Day Shift, Closed
  • Sunday Day Shift, 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday Evening Care, 6:00 PM – Midnight

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Our Location

Wee Prodigies is conveniently located near the Relay Elementary School. The address is:

27 Piedmont Ct.
Halethorpe, MD 21227
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