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Table of Contents Welcome Enrollments, Payments, and Business Practices Enrollment Procedures Rates Payment Policies and Additional Fees Holding a Position/Holding Fee Termination Policy and Trial Period Leave of Absence Grievance Policy Final Notice Sick/Personal Days Vacations Daycare Operations Hours of Service Holidays Inclement Weather Practices Concerning Your Child Meals Naps Personal Items Diaper Policy Toilet Training Outdoor Activities and Weather Guidelines Toys from Home Television Use Transporting Cleanliness Discipline Religious Activities Daycare Policies Arrival and Departure Child Abuse Reporting Non-Discrimination Statement Records and Privacy Drug Policy Smoking Pets Parking Contingency Plans Sick Child Policy Medication Management Medical and Dental Emergency Procedures Evacuation Procedures WELCOME The Little Ivy League Learning Center is a fun and academically-focused home children’s learning center. The purpose of this document is to outline the policies and procedures for the daycare. Back to Top ENROLLMENTS, PAYMENTS, AND BUSINESS PRACTICES ENROLLMENT PROCEDURES Call or email to schedule an appointment Come in for the initial interview and facility tour The walk-through will be conducted after-hours, by appointment. You can meet the director and other staff, tour the daycare, get information on our philosophy, policies, procedures, daily schedule, curriculum and planned projects and activities. You will receive an enrollment packet to fill out. It is recommended that you take your child with you. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in regards to any aspect of my daycare. Submit the registration packet one week before the child’s first day. Download all registration forms [PDF - 419 KB]. This includes the following individual forms: Enrollment Contract [PDF - 136 KB] Enrollment Form [PDF - 174 KB] Emergency Contacts [PDF - 141 KB] Privacy Permission Agreement/Consent for Promotional Purposes [PDF - 138 KB] Pick-Up Authorization [PDF - 158 KB] Getting Acquainted [PDF - 144 KB] Health Inventory (State of Maryland) [PDF - 153 KB] Emergency Form (State of Maryland) [PDF - 14 KB] Medical Authorization (State of Maryland) [PDF - 37 KB] All About Your Child (State of Maryland) [PDF - 11 KB] Provide the child’s first week of tuition and a security retainer one week before the child’s first day. The security retainer is for one week of care, which will be credited to the last week of care, if your bill is up-to-date. Back to Top RATES Weekdays, Monday through Friday: Full-Time Daycare Rates: Full-time care is for four or more days per week and 25-50 hours, but not exceeding ten hours per day. Charges are as follows: Infants (6 weeks – one year old) - $250.00/week Toddlers and preschoolers (one year to four years old) - $245.00/week Parents must pay the regular rates for any days the child is out, within the first year of care. After one full year of enrollment, parents are entitled to one week of vacation time with no charge. Regular payment rates will apply for each subsequent week missed. Part-Time Daycare Rates: Part-time is contracted care for three days or less, and 10-24 hours per week, on a consistent, year-round basis. For part-time, we prefer to arrange a Tuesday-Thursday or Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. If you cannot, please speak to me first so that I can check my availability. Charges are as follows: Infants and Younger toddlers (6 weeks – one years old) - $60/day Toddlers and preschoolers (one year to four years old) - $55/day Parents must pay the regular rates for any days the child is out, within the first year of care. After one full year of enrollment, parents are entitled to one week of vacation time with no charge. Regular payment rates will apply for each subsequent week missed. Evening Care Rates: Evening care is contracted care from 6 PM to Midnight, for two or more evenings per week, on, on a consistent, year-round basis. Weekday evening care is offered for ages six weeks to ten years old. Charges are as follows: Infants (6 weeks – one year old) - $50/evening or $195/week for more than three evenings. Younger toddlers (one year to two years old) - $45/evening or $175/week for more than three evenings. Older toddlers (two years to three years old) - $40/evening or $155/week for more than three evenings. Older children (three years to ten years old) - $35/evening or $135/week for more than three evenings. Parents must pay the regular rates for any days the child is out, within the first year of care. After one full year of enrollment, parents are entitled to one week of vacation time with no charge. Regular payment rates will apply for each subsequent week missed. Drop-In Care Rates:Drop-In Care is care on an inconsistent basis, no more than twenty four times per year. Drop-In Care is based on my availability, so please inquire first. Charges are as follows, regardless of age: Daycare: $55/day Evenings: $50/evening Overtime Rates:Overtime that is prearranged (with a 24-hour notice) will be $10/hour, subject to my availability. This is only applies to enrolled students. Weekends, Saturday and Sunday: Weekend Day Care: Weekend day care is contracted care on Saturday and/or Sunday, and not exceeding 9 hours per day. Weekend daycare is offered for ages six weeks to four years old. Charges are as follows: 6 weeks – 1 year old: $60/day 1 year – 4 years old: $55/day Weekend Evening Care Rates:Weekend evening care is contracted care from 6 PM to Midnight, for Saturday and/or Sunday, on a consistent, year-round basis. Weekend evening care is offered for ages six weeks to ten years old. Charges are as follows: Infants (six weeks – one year old) - $50/evening Younger toddlers (one year to two years old) - $45/evening Older toddlers and up (two years to three years old) - $40/evening Older children (three years to ten years old) - $35/evening Weekend Drop-In Care:Drop-In Care is care on an inconsistent basis, no more than twenty four times per year. Drop-In Care is based on my availability, so please inquire first. Charges are as follows, regardless of age: Daycare: $65/day Evenings: $50/evening Parent's Night OutParent’s Night Out is a service offered on the first and third Saturday nights of each month, from 7:00 to 11:30PM. The Parent’s Night Out service is offered for children ages six weeks to ten years old. Charges are as follows: Infants and younger toddlers (six weeks to two years old) - $36 Younger toddlers to older children (two years old to ten years old) - $30 Back to Top PAYMENT POLICIES AND ADDITIONAL FEES Due Dates and Late Fees: Payment is due each Friday before the coming week. A late fee of $5.00 per day will be assessed for payments made after Tuesday of each week. We reserve the right to terminate your contract if payment is more than a week late. Late Pick-Up Charges: Every minute counts. Note that I take being on-time seriously, for the sake of your child. A charge of $0.50 per minute is assessed for pick-ups made after the scheduled pick-up time, as listed on your agreement. This charge increases to $1 per minute for pick-ups made after 6:00 PM, for the day shift, or for pick-ups made after midnight, for the evening shift. Having to work late does not excuse you from having to pay a late charge. Communication is critical. If you are unable to pick up your child, you must arrange for someone else to do so. Furthermore, if you are going to be late, you must call me, as soon as possible, in advance, to inform me of where you are and when you will arrive. There is a five minute grace period. If you arrive within five minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, and assuming that you called in advance and this is not a regular habit, I will not charge for the late pick-up. However, any charges incurred for pickup after the “grace period” will include those five minutes. My goal is not to make additional money, but to make sure that your child is picked up on time. Returned Checks: Because of the inconvenience this causes, a fee of $50.00 will be assessed on checks not honored by the bank. You will not be permitted to use checks in the future, only cash or money order payments. Note: Please make checks and money orders payable to Little Ivy League. Back to Top HOLDING A POSITION/HOLDING FEE A non-refundable holding fee is required to hold an opening when a child’s start date is more than a week after enrollment. This fee guarantees a spot for a specified date and age of child. The maximum time that can be used to reserve a spot is two months. This fee in non-refundable should alternate arrangements be made by you. The amount is equal to fifty percent of the regular weekly fee, and will be due by Monday of each week that the position is held. If payment is not received by 5:00 PM on Monday, the opening will no longer be held and any fees or payments that have been made will be forfeited. Back to Top TERMINATION POLICY AND TRIAL PERIOD I recognize that not every child will fit comfortably into my child care family. For this reason, every new child begins on a two-week trial basis. This two-week period includes the first 14 calendar days from the child’s start date. This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time during this two-week period, by giving a one-day notice to terminate care on the basis of not being a “good match.” After the trial period, a two-week notice is required for either party to terminate care. If you decide not to use that last two weeks of care, you are still required to pay the fee. We will also give you two-week's written notice of intent to cancel this agreement, except in the event that we have a family emergency or there is gross misconduct on the part of the parent or child. Failure to follow the rules agreed to in the enrollment contract may be cause for immediate termination with no notice. We will give you a minimum of two-week's written notice of any increase in fees or significant changes to this agreement. Back to Top LEAVE OF ABSENCE A leave of absence will be granted due to a work lay-off, loss of job or maternity leave. If a child is absent from daycare, you can pay a fee equal to fifty percent of the regular rate to hold the position open for up to six weeks per year. After six weeks, the rate will return to the full amount or I will need to fill the vacancy. Back to Top GRIEVANCE POLICY If you are dissatisfied with my services or policies, please feel free to communicate these concerns with me at any time, in person (with the exception of your child’s arrival and departure times), or by phone or e-mail. Back to Top FINAL NOTICE A two-week notice is required at the time of termination. By signing a contract agreement, you agree to give a two-week notice before terminating care or paying the two week fee to terminate immediately. I would appreciate as much notice as possible, so if you give more than two weeks, your child’s spot is guaranteed until your date of termination. I will not ask you to leave because a new child coming in. Back to Top SICK/PERSONAL DAYS I am allotted five sick/personal days each year. I will provide as much notice as possible. A substitute will be available for each staff member in the event that they take a sick or personal day. Back to Top VACATIONS I will take two weeks of vacation each year. Two reminders will be sent out per year to notify you of my time off. The dates of my vacations will be posted at least three weeks in advance. I will do my best to have a substitute available during my vacation times, but you are responsible for finding backup child care if the Little Ivy League Learning Center is closed. Please note that regular payments apply for my sick/personal days, my vacations, your vacations, and weeks with holidays. Back to Top DAYCARE OPERATIONS HOURS OF SERVICE Weekdays, Monday through Friday: Daycare, 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM Evening Care, 6:00 PM – Midnight Weekends, Saturday and Sunday: Saturday Day Shift, Closed Sunday Day Shift, 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM Saturday and Sunday Evening Care, 6:00 PM – Midnight Back to Top HOLIDAYS The following holidays are considered paid, contracted holidays: New Years Day (Jan. 1) Martin Luther King Day (3rd Monday of Jan.) President’s Day (3rd Monday of Feb.) Memorial Day (last Monday of May) Independence Day (July 4) Labor Day (1st Monday of Sept.) Columbus Day (2nd Monday of Oct.) Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 25) Day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 26) Christmas Eve (Dec. 24) Christmas Day (Dec. 25) New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) Note: If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the daycare will be closed the Friday before. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the daycare will be closed the Monday after. Back to Top INCLEMENT WEATHER In the event of inclement weather, we will close when Baltimore County Schools are closed. This information is available on local radio and television stations. The Baltimore County Public Schools Web site provides school closing information. Back to Top PRACTICES CONCERNING YOUR CHILD MEALS Please provide meals for your child. Breakfast: 8:00 AM Lunch: 11 AM Infant formula: If you have an infant using formula, please provide that for use. I will provide snacks and juice. A snack will be served mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Children are expected to eat what is served for each meal. If they dislike any item, they will be encouraged to taste it, but no alternatives will be served. Children who choose not to eat a meal or snack will need to wait until the next scheduled time. If your child will be arriving after a mealtime has begun, but you still want your child to eat here, prior notice is required. If your child comes after a mealtime, it will be your responsibility to make sure that the child has eaten prior to arriving. Bringing a meal from a restaurant and having the child eat it here causes hard feelings from the rest of the children and is, therefore, not ed. Back to Top NAPS All children are required to take naps. Children over 12 months sleep on cots, and children under 12 months sleep in cribs/portable crib. Back to Top PERSONAL ITEMS Please provide the following items: Weather-appropriate clothing and change of clothing, labeled with the child’s name, to be used in case the child needs to be changed. A bottle of pain reliever and a bottle of cold medicine. Diaper rash ointment (if used). Diapers and pull-ups. (Wipes will be provided.) Pacifier, if needed Formula and any baby food for infants 12 months and under Blanket for rest time Swimsuit. Please periodically check to be sure that your child still has all of the necessary items for his or her care. Parents are required to bring a blanket for rest time to be kept at the daycare home and a complete change of clothing (including socks), appropriate for the weather, to be kept at the daycare home. Soiled clothing will be sent home and a clean change of clothes should be brought back the next day. Special or expensive clothing is not recommended. Parents will be required to bring swimwear to be kept at the daycare in the summer. During the winter, appropriate hats, mittens, and boots must be brought to the daycare to be kept for when it is needed. All items need to be labeled with your child's initials. Parents must maintain these items at all times. Parents are required to supply diapers. I will notify you when your child's supply needs to be replenished. Parents should also bring an infant's/child's pain reliever, diaper rash ointment (if used), a toothbrush, and a small daily bag or backpack. I will supply all wipes and snacks, bibs, all furniture, all bedding, and toys. I will not supply any medications or creams. Back to Top DIAPER POLICY Each child has his/her own drawer/cubby for diapers. Diapers are changed every two to three hours, if they contain only urine. Diapers containing feces are changed immediately. The diaper changing tables are cleaned after each diaper change. In addition, I will wash my hands after each diaper change. Back to Top TOILET TRAINING I am willing to help with potty training, but the parents and I shall discuss details. I will be more than happy to help with potty training provided that the child is ready and parents initiate the process at home first, whether it is over a weekend or during vacation. I expect parents to work with me in this process, which means once potty training is initiated, I want the child in training pants or pull-ups at all times. Putting a child in a diaper for your convenience because you are going out or for whatever reason will only confuse the child and delay the training process. I also require that all potty training children wear clothing that they can handle successfully on their own—no onesies, overalls, belts or jeans with buttons or snaps. Elastic waist pants are the most appropriate. Parents will be asked to supply extra sets of spare clothing during the training period. Children are ed to come wearing cotton underwear after they have been accident free for at least two weeks. Back to Top OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES AND WEATHER GUIDELINES Children are required to have outdoor playtime unless weather and air quality conditions pose significant health risks. We will not have outdoor playtime if there is a wind chill at or below 15 degrees Fahrenheit or a heat index at or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. We will use extreme caution and adjust our outdoor time in cases of a wind chill between 15 and 30 degrees and when there is a heat index between 80 and 90 degrees. Back to Top TOYS FROM HOME Please do not let your child(ren) bring their toys from home. When a new toy comes into the daycare, and all the children want a turn with that toy, it is extremely hard to share with all the other children no matter how good a child is at sharing. If they have a blanket or stuffed toy to sleep with, that would be an acceptable item to bring with them. Back to Top TELEVISION USE Television viewing is done no more than four times per week, and no more than 30 minutes at a time. Television use is limited to educational programs. Back to Top TRANSPORTING If the children are ever to be transported, I will request your permission in advance unless it is an emergency. If they are to be transported, they will be in the appropriate car seat or seat belt, depending on their age. Back to Top CLEANLINESS In order to minimize the spread of germs and maintain a clean, healthy environment, each staff member adheres to strict policies regarding cleanliness. Each surface that children come in contact with is disinfected using a mixture of bleach and water or vinegar and water. Toys are cleaned at least 3 times per week. All feeding areas are cleaned after each use. Staff members wash their hands: Before starting work Before serving food After each diaper change After using the bathroom, or helping a child to use the bathroom After coming in contact with bodily fluid Before giving medication After using any disinfectant Back to Top DISCIPLINE I use positive discipline techniques, such as making my expectations clear, reminders, and redirection before resorting to time-outs and taking privileges away. Physical and emotional punishments will not be used in my daycare. You will be informed if a problem persists or if I need cooperation from home so that we can be more consistent in what is expected. If will discuss any serious or persistent problems with parents. Back to Top RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES Religious practices are limited to praying before meals, singing songs about God, and reading Christian children’s books. Back to Top DAYCARE POLICIES ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE Children are to arrive clean and fed, if arriving after 8:30 AM. It is normal for children to be hesitant and sometimes even cry when dropping them off. Please be very brief—no more than 5 minutes is sufficient—during drop off times; the longer you prolong the departure, the harder it gets. A smile, cheerful good-bye kiss, and a reassuring word that you will be back is all you need to do. Please be very brief at pick-up times as well. When two different authority figures are present (the parent and I), children will test to see if the rules still apply. It is important that you back up my rules at this time; however, if you do not, I will remind your child of inappropriate behaviors being displayed and take action to correct them, if needed. Please be in control of your child during pick-up times! Do not your child to run out to your car while you are still inside or on the property. The safety rule is, "No one goes outside without their parent with them." Drop-off and pickup times are not the times to discuss problems. Parental communication is vital; it is the key to a successful childcare arrangement. If there are any problems or concerns, please call or e-mail me, or come by at another time. Again, if you are unable to pick up your child, you must arrange for someone else to pick up your child. Otherwise, you will be required to pay a late pick-up charge. Furthermore, if you are going to be late, you must call me, as soon as possible, in advance, to inform me of where you are and when you will arrive. Back to Top CHILD ABUSE REPORTING We are required by law to report any suspected incidents of possible child abuse or neglect. Child Protective Services may question your child without your consent. Back to Top NON-DISCRIMINATION STATEMENT We do not discriminate based on race, color, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Back to Top RECORDS AND PRIVACY I will provide you with the appropriate forms and ask that they be returned on or before the first day of your child’s care. Please notify me of any updates as they occur. Information regarding your family is kept private. Back to Top DRUG POLICY I ensure that all substitute caregivers and I will not abuse prescription medication or be under the influence of any chemicals that would impair our ability to provide quality care. Back to Top SMOKING Smoking is strictly prohibited in my house at all times. Please do not smoke on my property or extinguish cigarettes in my yard or driveway. Back to Top PETS We do not have pets. Back to Top PARKING There are dedicated parking spots outside. Please park in spaces marked specifically for our building. Back to Top CONTINGENCY PLANS SICK CHILD POLICY I will notify you if your child becomes ill during the day. This includes, but is not limited to, a fever of 101 degrees or more, vomiting, diarrhea, or a rash other than a diaper rash or heat rash. If I am worried about the child passing his or her condition on to the other children, or the child would be more comfortable at home resting, I will notify you. Please do not bring your child to the daycare if he or she has suffered from any of these symptoms within the past 12 hours. When you begin daycare, I request that you provide a bottle of pain reliever and a bottle of cold medicine labeled with your child’s name, to be used by your child as needed. If your child needs to be on a special diet, please send those items along with your child. I may not have the necessary items on hand. If your child has been exposed to any contagious diseases or is diagnosed with one, please inform me within 24 hours so I may notify the other parents. Back to Top MEDICATION MANAGEMENT We do not give children medication unless it has been prescribed by a doctor and the child is no longer contagious. We will only provide Tylenol for teething or other pain, not to reduce a fever. A medical consent form must be submitted for us to give a child any medication. Back to Top MEDICAL AND DENTAL EMERGENCY PROCEDURES Emergency information is accessible to staff members at the child care center. First aid will be administered, if the child is injured. If the child needs to see a doctor, we will make an effort to contact you before this is done. If something requires immediate attention we will call 911 and then the child’s parents. The child will be separated from other children before being transported to an emergency facility by ambulance or other transportation. Back to Top EVACUATION PROCEDURES An evacuation plan is available at the childcare center. Parents will be notified as soon as possible if we need to evacuate. Back to Top
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