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Pierre André
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Wee Prodigies is family. As someone who has been working at Wee Prodigies for nearly a year now, this is the feeling that I get whenever I walk into my job. As a home-based daycare and learning center, "home" is a word that also often comes to mind when I step in the door and become "Mr. Pierre." I have never seen a daycare where the children feel so comfortable and so at-ease with one another and it is actually very neat to see them form real friendships and bonds at such an early age. Under the guidance of Ms. Gwen, who is known as Nana by the children, I really learned a lot about teaching, and I feel that I have grown a lot as a person. Of course, the true power lies in our staff. We all have our own different strengths but despite our differences, I have never seen a staff that communicates and understands each other so well, and this makes work go all the more smoothly. Overall, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience working here and watching the children grow into the bright, promising people they are becoming.
Date of Posting: 12 September 2013
Posted By: Pierre André
Spanish Teacher/ Child Care Provider, Germantown, MD
Stephanie Barack
All you need to know about Little Ivy League is love! I know everyday that my Gianna is loved by each and every person in this home. Gianna is not a number, she is part of their family. They know what she needs and when she needs it, and its not because its written down. It's because they know her. Since day one there has never been a time where I didn't know whole heartedly that my daughter would be safe and loved. There is nothing better than piece of mind when you leave your baby with another!<br /><br />
We love Gwen, Patrice and Joy like family and you can't ask for anything better!
Date of Posting: 27 September 2011
Posted By: Stephanie Barack
Baltimore, MD
Although it has been a few years, I understand the stress of leaving my child in a daycare and worrying that not only would her physical needs be met but her emotional ones.

I worked with "Teacher Gwen" for two years before I became an acting director at The Crayon Box where we worked. I have never been so impressed or proud to have had someone on my staff as Gwen. She not only met the state requirements but EXCEEDED them. From the cleanliness of her room to the extra time and care she put into each of the children and the curriculums she personally developed was superb!

She has worked with children of all ages but is one of the rare few who do an exceptional job with juggling multiple infants at one time. As most of us can imagine it’s one of the most challenging jobs.

Having been in the position I was in, both as a parent and an administrator I’ve observed many teachers for well over 14 years. I got to hear first hand any and all complaints parents had. When it came to teacher Gwen I honestly never had any complaints. Not only did she do a great job but she was particular as to who she would to work with her in the baby room. She has always taken great care to see the children as individuals with individual needs.

To sum it up Gwen has always been a five star teacher.
Date of Posting: 31 October 2010
Posted By: Michelle M Guild
Berrien Springs MI
Jason L.
There are few childcare providers as experienced and qualified, and not many other people that I would trust with the care of my own daughter, as Mrs. Thacker. Mrs. Thacker has a real gift with children and they seem to gravitate to her. She has a big heart and treats all kids as if they are her own. She has a parental instinct and intuition. On more than one occassion, my wife and I would try to figure out why our daughter was crying, and Mrs. Thacker would know exactly what she needed. Many times, I would find her on the floor, making funny sounds, just to make her laugh. She combines grandmotherly love and warmth with an advanced intellect that enables her to teach anything from potty training to calculus, and a desire to help children reach their fullest potential. You can see the results in her adult children, who were endowed with academic scholarships and successful careers. You can see the results in my daughter, who is already months ahead of other toddlers her age. Mrs. Thacker's passion to see children grow intellectually and morally, and her background in an academically-focused and curriculum-oriented British system, sets her apart from other childcare providers. I could not recommend anyone more!
Date of Posting: 10 October 2010
Posted By: Jason L.
Sr. Developer / Technical Lead, Washington, DC

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